cancer symptoms in women warning signs in cancer should be on the lookout

Cancer is causing a number of deaths all over the world. It is the secondmajor cause of deaths in any population. Cancer is the uncontrollable division of abnormal cells. When a cell becomes abnormal, it starts to grow and multiply. It can spread to the whole body or may confine to one organ or tissue. There are many causes of cancer like a genetic defect, pollution, and obesity. Every risk factor causes a different type of cancer. Different types of cancer manifest themselves in the form of different signs and symptoms. Through these symptoms, we can find out the presence of a tumor and its type.

Common symptoms of cancer

Cancer symptoms differ according to their type, causative agent, the age of the patient, body weight and health status. Individuals should have knowledge about the symptoms so that is can be detected as early as possible. We should ignore any minor symptom because it can save us from great loss.

A persistent cough

A most common and simple indication is a persistent cough. Saliva may contain blood along coughing. This is the indication of simple infection in bronchitis. This symptom relates to lung cancer, neck, and head cancer. If a person is suffering from a persistent cough more than a month, he must go to a doctor for the cancer test. Cancer indication become clearer when blood is present in saliva during coughing.

Change in the activity of the bowel

Bowel activity changes with our nutrition and intake of different fluids. If its activity changes for more than 5 days without any change in nutrition then it indicates the presence of a tumor.

Blood in stool

If there is blood in stool, immediately contact a doctor. This is a sign of cancer. It becomes more prominent when it is happening along with hemorrhoids, which causes rectal bleeding.

Unexplained anemia

Anemia is a disease that is caused due to a low number of red blood cells in the blood. There are many types of anemia but the most occurring type is iron deficiency anemia. It occurs due to the low level of iron in the blood. Iron is present in the center of the haem entity of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is an oxygen-carrying protein. It carries oxygen to the whole body through the blood because iron can bind with oxygen.

Lump in breast or any discharge from breast

If there, is a lump or swelling in the breast, contact to the doctor because it may be a sign of cancer. However, many tumors are noncancerous such as cysts. It is confirmed by ultrasound of breast, x- ray study of breast and mammogram. One test is not enough for its confirmation. One important sign of breast cancer is the discharge of blood from nipples. Any discharge from nipples is common but when it is happening only from one nipple, it is an alarming situation. Women should get monthly breast evaluation test.

Lumps in the testicles

This sign is common in men. Any lump in testicle indicates the cancer of testicle. It may be painless or may give rise to an uncomfortable feeling. The lump can occur due to infection and blood vessel problems. In this situation, it is not cancer. However, the evaluation of any lump is necessary.

Enlarged testicles

Another important sign of testicle cancer is enlarged testicle.

A change in urination

It includes a small amount of urine, slow release of urine and frequent urination.

Blood in the urine

It indicates the cancer of the kidney and bladder. Its causes include kidney stones, urinary infection and any other cause.


Hoarseness can occur due to a simple allergy. It is a sign of throat cancer.

Swollen gland and lumps

Lumps are sometimes harmless and painless like a benign cyst. However, any lump needs an evaluation test for cancer.

Other important symptoms include:

  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Fever
  • Night sweats
  • Prolonged genital and anal itching
  • Indigestion

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