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                   Causes of blood cancer

  Cancer is the second major cause of deaths in our population. It is the uncontrollable division of cells during mitotic divisions. During cell division, cell cannot differentiate completely. These undifferentiated cells start to form cluster and accumulate at different sites. There are many different symptoms like stool in blood, persistent cough and change in bowel functioning. There are several different causes of cancer. These may vary from individual to individual. Most cases of cancer may induce due to unknown causes. Important causes are as following:

  • Radiations
  • Genetic conditions
  • Non-ionizing radiations
  • Viruses
  • Smoking and tobacco
  • Chemicals


  1. Radiations:

As we already know that radiations have severe effects on our normal lives. One of the major side effects is blood cancer. Radiations are one of the major leading causes of blood cancer because they cause several mutations in DNA. These mutations can activate or deactivate oncogenes (cancer causing genes). They may also denature suppresser cells, which lead to abnormal cell division. It accumulates or formsclusters at different parts of our body. These accumulations later called as cancerous cells.

  • Sr-90 a radiation emitted from nuclear reactors increases the risk of blood cancer because it called as bone seeker and lead to cancer.
  • As a result of previous treatments like X-rays and computed topography (CT)
  • At various accident sites of nuclear reactor, bomb sites in which extreme harmful radiations etc.


  1. Genetic conditions:

People may develop different kinds of blood cancers because of one or multiple genes. These may be due to

  • Chromosomal abnormalities
  • Other genetic disorders like Down’s syndrome, Fanconi anemia etc.
  • Mutations in SPRED-1 gene
  • Philadelphia translocations
  • Severe congenital neutropenia
  • Bloom syndrome
  • Trisomy 8


  1. Non-ionizing radiations:

It is a controversy from several decades that non-ionizing radiations may or may not cause blood cancer. Several researches have shown that many low frequency radiations are present naturally or in association with generation. Their transmission and use of electric power for different purposes cause leukemia or blood cancer. ELF is the major cause of blood cancer in lower infants and in children in their childhood (about 0.03% to 0.9% of the total blood cancer in our population)


  1. Viruses:

Many viruses may also a leading cause of different type of blood cancer or leukemia. For example, human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV-1) causes a severe kind of the T- cell leukemia in most of adult of our population. It causes a major reason of deaths in our population.


  1. Smoking and tobacco:

Many smokers develop different kinds of blood cancer because cigarette smoke contains various types of harmful carcinogenic agents.  These agents may lead to blood cancer. Smoking and tobacco users develop more blood cancer than nonsmokers do.

  1. Chemicals:

Use of chemicals for cancer treatment is also harmful for our health and causes various types of blood cancer in our body. One of the major chemicals is benzene. It is present in cigarette smoke, cleansing powder, in rubber making, in latex, in paints, detergents, gasoline, oils, paints and various other chemicals etc.

     All these are the major leading causes of the various types of blood cancer or leukemia.

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