Brain Tumor Causes

causes of brain cancer in young adults

Causes of brain cancer
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Brain cancer is the uncontrollable growth of cells in the brain. It is the most important and dangerous type of cancer. Cancer is spreading all over the world and it is the second major cause of deaths. Cancer occurs when a cell loses control over its rate of division. There are some important genes in our DNA, which control cell division. They are responsible for the death of cell at its fixed time. Normal cells undergo apoptosis and necrosis and these are mortal. While abnormal cells never, undergo apoptosis and necrosis and become immortal. Scientists do not know the exact cause of cancer. They are trying to explore the risk factors of cancer.

There are many causes of brain cancer. Following are some important causes:

1-Genetic mutations

It is the most important and major cause of brain cancer. The brain is an important organ, which controls our body activity by sending messages to different organs through the nervous system. If there is a damage in these signals, the activity will damage which they are controlling. DNA plays a very important role in cell division because it has genetic information in the form of a sequence of nucleotides. This information controls the behavior of each cell. Every cell in our body has DNA in its nucleus. If there is any mutation in DNA, it will affect the behavior of the cell. Mutation is any change in DNA. Mutation is not always dangerous because sometimes it is favorable for some individuals.

How DNA control cell division?

There are some genes in the DNA, which control and promote cell division at a normal rate. These are oncogenes. Other genes in DNA cause cell death at its proper time. These are tumor-suppressing genes. They perform this function by forming RNAs and proteins. Cell division control proteins are important are important in this regard.

2-inherited family history

We inherit characters from our parents because we receive their DNA and all information for our development is present in our DNA. If our parents have a brain tumor, we will receive this disease through inheritance.



Radiations are the major cause of brain tumor. There are two types of radiations that are ionizing and nonionizing. Ionizing radiations are more dangerous and penetrating as compare to nonionizing. Ultraviolet rays are nonionizing and come on earth from the sun due to depletion of the ozone layer. Ozone is a protective layer 25 km away from the earth. It filters ultraviolet rays. Due to human activities, pollution is increasing and as a result, the ozone layer is depleting. When ultraviolet rays enter the cell, it affects the DNA of cells and causes a mutation in it. It results in the form of cell abnormality. Cell starts to divide and lead to the formation of clusters of cells.

We come to contact with ionizing radiations when we use them for treatment such as radiation therapy. X-ray is important in this regard and it can damage our DNA.

4-tumor in other organs

If there is a tumor in any organ like blood cancer, kidney tumor, lung cancer, and breast cancer, it can spread to the brain.

These are some important causes of a brain tumor. We should avoid these risk factors like radiation therapy. It is the common cause of every type of tumor. During pregnancy, women frequently go to a doctor for an x-ray. They want to know child health status but do not know its dangerous effects on child and upon their own health. Therefore we should aware the people to avoid these things.

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