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Cancer Kills You
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Not all the cancers cause the death in the people. Fifty percent of people die after 5 years when they diagnosis cancer. However, this does not occur in all type of cancers. In most cancer, the survival rate is more than 90 percent.

In most cancer cases cancer does not kill you in the early stage. However, if it does not treat early it can cause the death.

There are many factors present which produce cancer in the body of the persons. Cancer spread to other parts of the body, which plays important role in our life.

Cancer causes death due to the invading cancerous cells in the healthy parts of the body such as the digestive system, bones kidneys intestine, brain, liver etc.

It affects the following parts of the body


Lungs Cancer

Cancer produces in the lungs when the cells of the lungs start to divide and block the lungs.

Lungs are the basic part to exchange the gases. This exchange occurs between the lungs and the environment. The gases, CO2 and O2 exchange. Therefore, lungs with cancer do not have any ability for absorbing oxygen and the lungs become weaken. This can lead to death by weakening the muscles of the lungs.


Bones Cancer

Cancer of the bones causes a decrease in the level of the calcium in the body bones. Calcium releases to the bloodstream and the level of calcium start to rise up in the blood. If the level of the calcium increases in the bloodstream then it may be fatal and cause the death in people.

Digestive System

Digestive system helps to digest and absorbs nutrients of the body. When cancer produces in the digestive tract then the blockage of intestine takes place. The nutrients do no absorb in the intestine and you do not have a lot of nutrient for your body. The way to cure this cancer is the surgery in which the blockage removes.

Blood Vessels

Cancer also produces in the blood vessels. It damages the blood vessels. It causes the bleeding. This bleeding is very dangerous when it takes place in the brain. Due to this reason, it causes brain stroke.


The liver is an important part of our body. It detoxifies the many chemicals of the body. It also produces many chemicals, which maintains our body’s chemicals. When cancer starts, it affects the chemical balance of the body. Therefore, it is very hazardous if it does not treat immediately.


There are two bean-shaped kidneys present in our body. These kidneys help us to exchange the wastes from the body. Kidneys made up from nephron. Cancer starts with nephron and kidney is unable to exchange the wastes in the bloodstream. It increases the salts amount in the blood of the body. This cancer can be fatal and causes the death of the person.

There are many factors causes cancer such as UV rays, irritations, smoking etc. It is very hard when you discuss your severe disease with your consultant. It becomes worse when you are well aware of your death. However, there is unconsciousness produce before the death of a person. The discussion does not skip your death but it decreases your worries when your disease is severe.


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