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how does cancer start in the breast how long does breast cancer take to develop

How Does Cancer Starts
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There are many cells present in our body. These cells have an amount of almost 100 million. When cancer starts the cells of the body starts to divide in a fast manner. The cell division forms cancer tumors.

Tumors can be of two types:

  1. Benign tumors
  2. Malignant tumors

Benign tumors

Benign tumors

It is not as harmful as a malignant tumor. This type of tumors only produces cancer in the place of their presence and area, which is present around it.

Malignant tumors

Malignant tumors

It produces by the division of the cells. These types of cancer tumors are dangerous. They spread cancer to other parts of the body. They spread cancer with the help of the bloodstream. This takes place with the help of a process called metastasis.

The metastatic cancer is like the other type of cancer. There are many changes are same in metastatic cancer cells and original cancer cells in their chromosomes. The main purpose to control the metastatic cancer is to control the symptom of metastatic cancer so that it cannot affect the body functions. It is dangerous and many people die due to this type of cancer.

The difference between the normal and cancer cells is present. Normal cells respond to the body. While on the hand, the cancerous cells do not respond to the signals. Due to this reason the programmed death occurs, called apoptosis.

Cancer cells affect the nearby cells. These cells also have the ability to invade into immune system of the body. This causes the damage in the immune system of the body. This immune system helps to protect us against germs and other damages from outside of the body. Cancer cells start to grow and can spread to the body with the help of a damaged immune system.

The modification in the cells takes place due to some factors. However, these modifications are not cancer. However, if these modifications are not treated then they will be cancer.

Hyperplasia is an example of it. In this, the cells start to divide fast and vigorous growth occurs. However, when we see these cells under the microscope these cell looks like normal cells. Therefore, this is not cancer. It produces factors such as chronic irritations


There are many cells in our body. All the cells have a nucleus. Each nucleus consists of many genes. In the gene, Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is present which tells the cells that how to work. Each gene is a type of instruction. Gene may be a protein or RNA. These both factors determine the lifetime of the cells.


Genes are the information centers of the body. Therefore, any change in them can affect the body badly.

By a process in genes, changes produce. This process is known as a mutation.

In mutations, the parts of gene start to replace by other parts of the gene, copied or deleted. This process starts due to the sudden changes in the genes. Due to these mutations, the cells do not know how to work. They start to divide rapidly and start to grow. There are many mutations takes place before the production of the cancerous cells. The proteins are also causing cancer cells. These proteins stop and cells stop to grow. In some cases, the proteins start to produce in a large amount so they start to grow rapidly and stats cancer. Sometimes abnormal protein also causes the cancer cells. These mutations produce by many factors such as smoking, carcinogens, obesity, hormones etc. Ultraviolet rays are also a cause of the production of the cancer cells.

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