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Kah Bone cancer stages
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It is very important to know about the stage of cancer. It is one of the important factors, which play role in the decision of the type of treatment. It tells us about the rate of spreading of disease in our body. Many diagnostic tests are available for this purpose. Doctors use these methods to confirm the presence of tumor its size and location. American Joint Committee on Cancer had formed a set of guidelines for staging of cancer. Doctors use these guidelines as the standard for evaluation of cancer. It bases on the following four categories:

T- It gives us information about the size of the tumor.

N- It tells us that either bone cancer is spreading to the lymph nodes or not.

MAs its name indicates that it refers to metastasis. It describes that either bone cancer has started to spread to other far body organs or not.

G- It refers to the grading or tumor. It increases as the size of the tumor becomes larger. High-grade cancers are more dangerous and look more abnormal. G1 to G2 refers to low grade while G3 to G4 refers to the high grade of the tumor.

 A combination of information about lymph nodes, grade of the tumor, its size and metastasis is carried out in a process known as stage grouping. Stages are written in Roman numerals from one-four. American system had widely used for staging.

However, some doctors divide them into two groups.


Benign tumors have three stages 1, 2 and 3.

The metastatic tumor has only one stage that is stage 4.

Stage 1 of bone cancer

Stage 1 of bone cancer

It indicates that the tumor has not spread to other organs. It is less dangerous and has grade 1, means low grade. It has further two types.

Stage 1A: It indicates that the tumor has covered less than the 8cm area in any bone.

Stage 1B: it tells that us that tumor has spread in more than 8cm area or in two places within the same bone.

Stage 2 bone cancer

It tells that the tumor is not spreading to other organs or it is present where it has originated. However, it has a grade more than stage 1 means it is dangerous and has become aggressive. It has further two types.

Stage 2B: it tells us that tumor is less than 8cm in size.

Stage2B: it tells us that tumor is more than 8cm in size.

Stage 3 of bone cancer

Stage 3 of bone cancer

It informs that the tumor has spread within the same bone at several points. However, it is not spreading to distant organs. It has a high grade and is more aggressive as compared to the above two types.

Stage 4

It is the most harmful and final stage of cancer. It is highly dangerous because it indicates that the tumor has metastases. It is spreading to distant organs and is affecting them. It spreads to lungs, lymph nodes and other vital organs. It has the highest grade of the tumor. It has any size more than 8cm. it has further two types.

Stage 4A: it indicates that it has spread to the lungs.

Stage 4B: it tells us that cancer has affected lymph nodes and other organs except the lungs.

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