Lungs Cancer

lung cancer prevention and early detection

The main cause of lung cancer is not smoking. However, smoking plays an important role in lung cancer. Nevertheless, many patients do not smoke but these patients suffered from lung cancer. They are not smokers.

Steps to prevent lung cancer

There are many causes of lung cancer. If you quit some habits, you can avoid lung cancer.

Some steps to avoid lung cancer given below. By skipping such type of factors, you can avoid lung cancer.

  • Quit to smoke
  • Be aware and careful at work
  • Secondhand smoke should avoid
  • Radon checking in home
  • Exercise
  • Use a cup of green tea
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Use different types of fruits and vegetables
  1. Quit to smoke

Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. To avoid cancer first you should avoid smoking. You also should avoid the environment of the smoke.

It produces 80%-90% lung cancer.

Quitting smoking is not a difficult process. If you want to do this, you can do it. It is not only hazardous to you but also for your family. Due to the smoking, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases produces which are very dangerous for health. These diseases cause lung cancer and cause death. It is the third leading cause of death.

If you quit smoking, there are chances that lung cancer can produce in the lungs of your body. To avoid this you should consult your doctor who will do some screening tests.

  1. Be aware and careful at work

29% more chances present in those who work with cancer-producing chemicals.  These chances are less in those who do not work in such type of areas. There are great chances of production of lung cancer in males than females.

Many types of works increase the rate of lung cancer. Therefore, to avoid such type of cases safety data sheets should give to the workers. It increases the safety of the workers.

  1. Secondhand smoke should avoid

Living in the smoky area also causes the lung cancer. The chances of cancer increases who live in smoke than who do not. The chances of lung cancer increase to 20-30%. If you avoid the smoky area, you can also avoid lung cancer. Now a day government is trying to help people in this purpose. The government has made many rules in this regard.

  1. Radon checking in home

Radon is a gas. It is colorless gas. It is also an odorless gas.

It causes lung cancer. There may be a high amount of radon gas in the houses of people. It can cause lung cancer.

  1. Exercise

By doing exercise on daily bases you can prevent lung cancer.

  1. Use a cup of green tea

There are many useful compounds present in green tea. If you take green tea, it decreases the symptoms of lung cancer produced from smoking.

  1. Avoid alcohol

If you avoid alcohol on daily bases, it increases the chances to prevent from lung cancer.

  1. Use different types of fruits and vegetables

You should try different types of fruits and vegetables to prevent lung cancer. Inorganic phosphates, which present in the processed meats and cheeses, are main causes of lung cancer

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