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lung cancer stage 4 life expectancy without treatment

Lung cancer stage 4
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There are many stages produce in the cancer of non-small cell lung cancer. In some stages, tumors do not diagnose. However, in some stages, these tumors become very lethal and cause death in people.

Non-small cell lung cancer has many stages that are represented by Roman wording. TMN system uses for Non-small cell lung cancer staging.

  1. Tumor (T)
  2. Lymph Node (N)
  3. Metastasis (M)


  1. Tumor (T)

It tells about the size of a tumor.

  1. Lymph Node (N)

It describes whether cancer produces in the lymph nodes or not.

  1. Metastasis (M)

It tells whether cancer has proliferated to other body parts or not. Because by metastasis cancer spreads to other parts of the body such as brain, kidneys, liver etc more rapidly.

Numbers given to the stages tells about the severity of cancer. Increases the number, increases the severity of cancer. When T, M, N have its own numbers then stage of cancer can determine.

Stage 4 cancer

Lung cancer stage 4

This stage is a very dangerous stage of cancer. It is an advanced form of cancer. Forty percent of cases diagnosed with this stage. The survival rate is very less in this type of cancer. The five-year survival rate is less than ten percent. In this stage of lung cancer, cancer has spread to the lungs and other many parts of the body.

There are many treatments present for this stage of cancer. Many methods of treatment are also present in the Cancer Treatment Center of America (CTCA). These methods of treatment help to decrease the symptoms of the Non-small cell lung cancer. These methods also improve quality of life.

Stage IV categories

This type of stage can describe as T or N. This helps to determine the tumor size and spreading ability. This also tells about whether it spreads to lymph nodes or not.M1A or M1B can also describe cancer.

For M1A following factors will be true

  • Cancer spreads to other lungs.
  • Cancer cells are present in the fluid that is present around the lung. This type of effusion called malignant pleural effusion.
  • Cancer cells present in the fluid that is present around the heart. This type of effusion of the cells called malignant pericardial effusion.

M1B have the following factors:

  • In this type of stage, cancer may spread to other lymph nodes and other parts of the body such as bones, liver, kidneys, brain, adrenal gland etc.

Treatment for stage 4

There are many types of treatments present. These can help to decrease the symptoms of the Non-small cell lung cancer.

Following methods can use to treat cancer:

  • Chemotherapy


It uses in following three methods

  1. Primary systemic lung cancer chemotherapy
  2. Adjuvant chemotherapy
  • Systematic chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy

It is a method of treatment of cancer. It stimulates the immune system of the body. Stimulation of immune system body causes to start to recover. Immune cells kill cancer-causing tumors.

Checkpoint inhibitors block the signals of the body. These signals help to hide the cancer cells from the immune system. Blocked signals show tumors to the immune system. Immune system kills cancerous cell.

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