Renal Cell Carcinoma Signs and Symptoms

Renal Cell Carcinoma
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Kidney cancer also called renal cell carcinoma.

Kidneys are two in number. They are bean shape structures. They filter the blood of the body, remove wastes from blood and form urine.

Kidney cancer detection:

Most cancer of the kidney can detect in an early stage. On the other hand, other cancers cannot detect in an early stage. There are few reasons for detection of kidney cancer at a later stage that can be:

  • Sometimes tumors grow to a large size without any pain or symptoms. This is a cause of finding cancer at later stages.
  • During the physical examination, tumors cannot detect. This is due to the reason that tumors cannot see from outside of the body.
  • There are no screening tests present to cure the cancer of the kidneys. Because any test does not decrease the risk of death in people who suffer from kidney cancer.

Tests for people who have an average risk of kidney cancer

There are following test recommended for people who have an average risk of kidney cancer:

  • Routine urine tests

The increased amount of blood in urine can determine the severity of the kidney cancer. Sometimes blood does not come in urine until the stage of kidney cancer increase. On the other hand, blood in the urine can produce by urinary tract infection and other causes.

  • Imaging test

These tests use to determine the kidney cancer tumors.

Test for people who have increased the risk of kidney cancer

There are some tests present to decrease the risk of kidney cancer:

  • Regular imaging tests such as CT, MRI or ultrasound
  • Genetic counseling
  • Long-term dialysis


In a urine test, little amount of blood is found at early stages of kidney cancer. This may be due to urinary tract infections. Ultrasound can help to diagnose early stages of kidney cancer. When tumors are in the early stage then they do not show any signs or symptoms. However, when the size of tumors increases then they show symptoms of the kidney cancer and can bother the patients. It can disturb the normal functioning of the kidneys.

When the size of tumors increases, they show many symptom and signs. In some of them can describe as follows:

  • Blood in the urine can a symptom of kidney cancer. The process of coming blood in urine called hematuria.
  • Pain in the lower back is a cause of kidney cancer. This pain can produce without any injury.
  • A mass or lump produce insides or lower back of the body.
  • Loss of appetite produces in kidney cancer. It is due to kidney cancer present in a person.
  • Consistent tiredness produces in the disease of kidney cancer.
  • Loss of weight is done in patients when renal cell carcinoma is present.
  • Persistent fever present in kidney cancer. This cancer does not produce due to an infection and it does not go away.
  • In renal cell carcinoma anemia produces. Anemia is a disease in which a decrease in the number of red blood cells produces.

 These symptoms produce due to kidney cancer. However, some symptoms do not produce due to kidney cancer. For example, blood in the urine can produce due to the urinary tract infection or stones in the kidneys.

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