squamous cell carcinoma of lung homeopathy treatment

Squamous cell carcinoma treatment
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Squamous cell carcinoma treatment


First, we should know about the symptoms of the squamous cell carcinoma.

These may be:

  • Blood while you a cough
  • Chest pain
  • Wheezing
  • Hoarseness
  • Fatigue while working or not
  • Fever
  • A persistent cough
  • Breath shortening
  • The decrease in the appetite

This type of cancer of the lung introduces in many patients. Patients show symptoms in early stage because this type of cancer affects the airway passages of the lungs. This causes many syndromes in people such as Pancoast syndrome.  This type of syndrome is produced on the top of the lungs and it can spread to parts that present near the lungs. These may be nerves.


Many causes present to produce lung cancer. However, squamous cell lung carcinoma is strictly concerned with smoking.

Some other factors cause squamous cell lung cancer such as exposure to the fumes and diesel fuel gases




The following techniques help to diagnose the squamous cell lung carcinoma:

  • Chest CT scan

In this technique, X-rays use. These X-rays give cross-sectional image of the lungs.

  • Bronchoscopy

It is a technique in which direct imaging of the lung takes place.

  • PET scan

It is a way to determine the current activity of cancer.

  • Sputum cytology

This technique tells about the cells, which dislodged from the airways.

Treatment of squamous cell lung carcinoma

There are many stages of squamous cell lung cancer. Therefore, on the bases of the stages of the lung cancer treatment of the lung cancer suggests. Many types of research take place to introduce new effective treatment methods.

Many treatment methods used in past.

Many different methods introduced to cure this type of lung cancer. These methods may be

  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Immunotherapy
  3. Surgery
  4. Targeted therapy


  1. Chemotherapy

This is the best therapy to decrease the symptoms of this type of lung cancer. This method is a good method to cure lung cancer. This therapy introduces alone in patients. However, sometimes it introduces radiation therapy. This therapy introduces before the surgery. It can also introduce in patients after the surgery of the lungs.

In this therapy, Platinol and Gemzar initially introduce. These are the common type of medications in chemotherapy. When patient show response to these medications other medicines introduce to the patients to decrease the symptoms of the lung cancer such as Tarceva or Alimta.

In first, chemotherapy drugs contained platinum. These have a large effect that the drugs that do not have platinum.

  1. Immunotherapy

The drugs of the immunotherapy first produced in 2015. Recently many researches are taking place in this regard. In 2015, treatment with the help of immunotherapy took place.

  1. Surgery

Surgery is very effective on the IA stage of cancer. It may be effective for IB, II, IIIA stages of lung cancer. However, it uses with the chemotherapy and radiation therapy in later stages of the lung cancer.

  1. Targeted therapy

It uses to cure the lung cancer. It uses also to cure the EGFR mutations. In EGFR mutations, the epidermal growth factor receptor is a protein that increases the growth of the cancer cells. This type of technique does not affect the mutations but it binds with the cells of EGFR mutation cell outside the cancer cell and the signals interrupted. These signals help to grow the cancer cells. Therefore, when signal terminated then the cancer cells destroyed. It results to cure of cancer.

This type of technology also uses to cure squamous cell lung cancer.

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