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squamous cell lung carcinoma symptoms

Squamous cell lung carcinoma
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Squamous cell lung carcinoma

Squamous cell lung carcinoma also called squamous cell lung cancer. It occurs in 30% cases of the lung cancer. This type of cancer occurs in the middle of the lung.

It is the type of non-small cell lung cancer. There are many types of non-small lung cancer. It also called epidermoid carcinoma. Squamous cell seems like a thin fish scale type of cells. They line the lung airways. This cancer starts with squamous cells of the lungs. These types of cells are also present in the cells of the skin. These tumors are also present in the cells of the body, which present in the lining of the hollow organs and digestive system. These types of cells present in the middle part of the lungs and right or left bronchus.


These tumors cause a cough, chest pain, blood in sputum and breathing trouble.

There are X-ray, CT or CAT tests done to diagnose this type of lung cancer. These tests take place when the size of this lung cancer tumor increases.

When it diagnosis, there is a large cavity in the tumor mass present in the chest. This cavity is a sign of the squamous cell lung cancer.


It can spread to other parts of the body such as the brain, spine, liver and adrenal gland etc.

This type of cancer occurs about 30%.


This type of cancer occurs mostly due to smoking. It may be due to active and passive smoking. There are other causes of this type of lung cancer such as the history of diseases, hereditary diseases, smoke, dust, and radon in your houses.



This type of cancer can diagnose with the help of the different techniques. These types of techniques described as

  • Imaging tests
  • BiopsyDiagnosis
  • Laboratory tests

These techniques do not apply to every patient. These techniques suggested according to their disease history, symptoms, location of the tumor and other results of the tests.


Staging of the tumor of the lung cancer does not take place until all the tests take place. When the process of staging takes place then doctor prescribes the treatment methods. Certain stages of cancer can cure. However, there are all the stages treatable. 


Many methods identify the types of lung cancer. With the help of these methods, we can determine the type of lung cancer of patients.

These methods are

  • Histology
  • Profile
  • Histology

Histology tells about the types of cancer. This type of technique tells about the structure of the cells of tumors. Squamous cells lung cancer base upon this type of cancer cells.

  • Profile

The profile is a signature of the genes. Changes occur in this type of the genes profile. After changes, there are many mutations taking place and it causes the cancer of the lung.

Patients who suffered from this type of cancer either have known driver mutations or not. Many pieces of research take place to understand the driver mutations. However, not many therapies present to cure this type of cancer.

Tests for identifying the type of lung cancer determined. Tests of your lung cancer can also decide your doctor after your suggestions.

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