Breast Cancer

Stage 2 Breast Cancer Treatment Timeline side effects of breast cancer treatment

Breast Cancer
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Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is mostly diagnosed when it is present in stage 2. It does not show its symptoms when it is in stage 1 because it causes no pain. No one can detect that they have gotten breast cancer in stage 1. After stage 2 cancerous symptoms start to appear that can aware the patient. But women should not lose their heart when they come to know about their alarming situation. There is a 93% survival rate of the patients who are in stage 2. Women should believe that there is always hope for a cure. They should contact their doctor and go for proper treatment with a perfect treatment plan. The treatment plan is designed by the group of nutritionists, oncologists, physicians, and other related specialists.

Stage 2 cancer is curable because in this stage cancer is still contained in the breast or may have spread to some lymph nodes. There are two groups of stage 2 breast cancer (2A and 2B).

Stage 2A breast cancer is not the much dangerous stage. It may be the earlier stage of cancer. It means cancer cells have formed but the number of affected cells is small and cannot form a tumor. If the tumor has formed from them then it has just effected 2cm area of breast or even smaller than 2cm. Cancerous cells have observed under the armpit or near the chest bone in some cases.

Stage 2B breast cancer is slightly dangerous than stage 2A. In stage 2B cancerous cells form tumors that spread in the area more than 2cm but less than 5cm. It affects 2 to 3 lymph nodes in the nearby region of the breast.


Breast Cancer Treatment

There are several treatments that are recommended in stage 2 breast cancer as mentioned below:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Targeted therapy

Surgery is the first option for stage 2 breast cancer because the tumor is malignant and can be completely removed. It may be partial surgery in which the surgeon removes only affected cells while most of the breast remains intact. It may be the removal of the complete breast if a tumor has spread. In this case chemotherapy and hormonal therapy is recommended after surgery to make sure that lymph nodes are not affected. The choice of type of surgery depends upon the health status of the patient, weight, physiological conditions, size of the tumor, the speed of spreading of tumor and age of the patient. Surgery is often followed by reconstruction of the breast for good looking women. Sometimes chemotherapy is also needed after surgery or mastectomy.

Chemotherapy is done for the women who have gotten stage 2 breast cancer. It may be given before the mastectomy which is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy or after the surgery known as adjuvant chemotherapy. Some drugs are used for this purpose. The choice of drug depends upon the type of tumor, health status, and age of women.

Targeted therapy specifically focuses on the genetic bases of cancer. Treatment is found out according to tests results. It mainly targets proteins, tissues, and cancerous cells. It is the only treatment option which provides a reliable cure without damaging other tissues.

Hormone therapy is applied when a tumor has hormone receptors on it. The hormones responsible for tumor formation are estrogen and progesterone. Such drugs are used which can inhibit the connection between hormone and hormone receptor on the tumor. Tamoxifen is the most common drug which I used as the hormonal therapeutic agent.

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