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Stage 4 Lung Cancer How long to live
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Stage 4 of lung cancer is very lethal. When you or your loved ones diagnose this stage of cancer, the first question arises about the survival rate of this stage of cancer. About 40 percent of people diagnose this type of cancer. You should not disappoint because of chances of survival present. By proper treatment, this cancer can be defeated. Stage 4 means that your cancer has spread to lungs and other parts of the body such as brain, liver, kidneys or adrenal glands etc. 


The survival rate is different in each patient. Every person has its own immune system. So, different treatments on different people affect in a different way. However, you do not need to worry about cancer. Recently many methods of treatment have introduced. These types of treatment help people to survive.


There is much reason for lung cancer. Due to different reasons, survival rate occurs in different ratio. Survival rate affected by the following factors:

  • Age

Age is the main factor of the survival rate in people. Young patients have a good immune system than old age patients. Therefore, treatment response is good in young patients of cancer than old patients. In addition, the survival rate increases in young patients.

  • General health

It also affects the survival rate. If you have good health at the diagnosis time, you can survive for a long time. If you have good health then you can bear severe side effects of the treatment. It causes to increase the survival rate.

  • Gender

Gender also affects the survival rate. Females have more chances to survive than males patients in lung cancer. This occurs in every stage of lung cancer.

  • Response to treatment

Methods of treatment of lung cancer have many side effects. Great will power requires bearing these types of side effects. Chemotherapy, radiography, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, and targeted drug therapy have many side effects. Ability to bear their side effects determines the survival rate.

  • Complications

Complications decrease the survival rate of patients. Complication such as blood clotting decreases the survival rate.

  • Where it spreads

Lung cancer can spread to other parts of the body. Mostly lung cancer spreads to bones brain, adrenal glands, kidneys etc. When few lung cancers present then treatment is possible. This increases the survival rate of people suffered from lung cancer.

  • Other health condition

It affects the survival rate. Some conditions such as emphysema decrease chances to survive.

Improving the survival rate

Many methods of treatment have improved survival rate. Treatment methods have modified in a few years. These methods help to cure lung cancer. Therefore, it is very difficult to know every method of treatment related to lung cancer treatment. It is also difficult to even for the oncologist. There are many cases of this type of cancer. When patients start to know about his disease then chances of survival rate increases.

The survival rate is different in different stages of cancer. In median stage 4 of Non-small cell lung cancer, chances of survival and death are 50%, 50% respectively. People with a median stage can survive around 8 months.  While in later stage 4 of cancer, the survival rate is sadly only 4% after five years.

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