treatment of blood cancer in homeopathy

Treatment of blood cancer
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Treatment of blood cancer

Treatment of blood cancer or leukemia depends on various factors such as:

  • Type of blood cancer
  • The speed of growth of the cancer
  • Age of the infected patient
  • Source of the spread of blood cancer
  • The health of the patient

 In addition, some other factors are the following:

Types of treatment

Type of treatment is decided based on above-given factors. One type of blood cancer may have one or a number of types of the treatments operated on basis of health and wishes of the patient. Some blood cancer affected patients may not wish to take any treatment. While on the other hand, some people get more benefits of these treatments made in order to make their lives easier. These treatments may also have some side effects on their health.

Some common treatments of various types of blood cancer or leukemia are the following:

  • Intensive / high intensity treatment
  • Non intensive / low intensity treatment
  • Curative treatment
  • Noncurative treatment


  1. Intensive / high intensity treatment:

It is the stronger treatment of blood cancer. In this treatment, various strong or high potency drugs are available for cure. These drugs may lead to the killing, destroying cancerous cells, to decrease them in number or ceasing their further production.

Main types of intensive type of blood cancer treatment are:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Stem cell transplant
  • Radiation therapy
  • surgery
  • Chemotherapy:

It is the treatment in which various types of a high dose of strong drugs for the killing or destroying various cancerous cells. They also stop further growth of these cells.

  • Stem cell transplant:

In this type of treatment, after taking high dose drugs new bone marrow cells are implanted in the patient in order to produce new cells which are more healthier than previous cells of the body and do not cause cancer in our body.

  • Radiotherapy:

The type of treatment in which we use strong radiations for the killing of cancerous cells. It is the most commonly used for the treatment of lymphoma. This type of treatment has lot of side effects on our body and may lead to other type of cancers. 

  • Surgery:

It is the rare type of treatment for blood cancer. This offers the removal of spleen it named as splenectomy most commonly.

  1. Non intensive / low intensity treatment:

It is the milder type of treatment in it we use low potency drugs which has little side effects on our body. This type of treatment may not lead to other diseases that are common from the use of intensive treatment. It is a treatment, which is available to maintain symptoms for a large time. It includes the following:

  • Chemotherapy:

In it, wee

low dose chemicals to kill or destroy cancerous cells in our body. These chemicals have lesser side effects in our body.

  • Biological treatment:


This method is used in order to induce immunity artificially by inducing antibodies or any other substance in our body.

  1. Curative treatments:

This is a type to cure blood cancer and we use a different type of curing techniques for it. It mostly has no side effects in our body’s other cells and tissues.

  1. Non-curative treatment:

It is a not a treatment to permanently remove blood cancer but in it, different techniques are used to reduce cancer cells in the blood. Non-curative treatment may be of two types:

  • Strong or gentle

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