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what is maintenance chemotherapy for lung cancer maintenance chemotherapy for colon cancer

What is chemotherapy for lung


Chemotherapy is a process in which drugs use to cure any disease. Chemotherapy usually relates with cancer. Some people think that chemotherapy only uses to cure cancer. It also called as chemo.

In the methods of radiation therapy and surgery specific tumors killed. However, in chemotherapy drugs work in the body. In chemotherapy, drugs kill the proliferated and primary cancerous cells. This method is a lot more effective. Chemotherapy uses for shrinking the tumors of the lung cancer. Sometimes surgery and radiation therapy use to cure the lung cancer. Chemotherapy uses again when symptoms produce again.

Goals of chemotherapy

When you are ready to do chemotherapy then it has many goals. Therefore, you should know about the goals of chemotherapy. The goals of chemotherapy are:

  • Palliation
  • Cure
  • Control
  • Palliation

Palliation is to decrease the symptoms of the lung cancer with the help of drugs of the chemotherapy. It also called palliative chemotherapy.

  • Cure

Chemotherapy uses to cure lung cancer completely. This method thought as to cure completely lung cancer of the patient.

However, doctors do not use the word cure even in chemotherapy. In this type of treatment, lung cancer does not treat well. Moreover, in this type of treatment lung cancer can produce again.

There is no guarantee that a person has completely cured. We have to wait many years to know about the cure of the lung cancer.

  • Control

In many cases, there is no treatment of cancer. Due to this reason, the symptoms try to decrease. It helps to improve the patient life. It also helps in increasing the quality of life. Chemotherapy helps to decrease growth and proliferation of cancerous cells.

In many patients, cancer cannot treat well. Moreover, it can come again after some time. This type of phenomenon can see in cases of heart diseases and diabetes. When lung cancer production takes place then chemotherapy introduce again to patients.

When lung cancer reaches to last stage it means that it has spread to most body parts such as lungs, liver, kidneys, brain, bones etc. Therefore, lung cancer does not cure at the last stage. On the other hand, the symptoms of the lung cancer can decrease with the help of chemotherapy. It helps people to live in a better way.

Usage of Drugs

In some cases, the choice of drugs and schedule known by doctors. Different doctors give same prescriptions for the lung cancer. While in some case, drug schedule may not know. Different doctors give different prescriptions for the same type of lung cancer.



There are following factors on which drugs selection and usage take place:

  • Cancer type
  • The stage of the lung cancer it means about the proliferation of the lung cancer cells to other parts of the body.
  • Age of the patients
  • Overall health of the patient
  • Cancer treatment’s types applied on the patient in the past.
  • Health problems also determine the type of treatment.

Factors that are present above help doctors to select the type of treatment. On the other hand, the information in medical journals and books help in selecting the type of treatment.

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