Breast Cancer

Why Breast Cancer Awareness Is Important? education and awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness
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 Breast cancer

is the most common type of cancer among women with age groups above 45 years. It can also occur in young girls after 20 years. Breast cancer is the abnormal and uncontrolled division of cells in the area of breast or around the breast. When our nervous system fails to control the production of estrogen. And cells continue to divide and result in the formation of cells lump which is known as a tumor. Like every type of tumor, breast tumor can retain in the area of the breast as a malignant tumor or it can spread to lymph nodes, liver, lungs and other parts as metastasis. Metastasis tumor is the alarming situation usually known as 4th or last stage of breast cancer.  Death occurs after the 4th stage if women are unaware of her disease.

Awareness is of utmost importance to save lives and to decrease the death rate due to breast cancer. Awareness can detect cancer in its earlier stages and there are 100% chances of cure. October is served as the breast cancer month on international level and force to educate the people. The pink ribbon is used as a symbol for a cure against breast cancer. The number of patients with breast cancer is increasing every year. So, awareness should be provided to the woman in underdeveloped countries because breast tumor usually cause no pain and no one can detect the signs. Women should be educated to check out even minor changes in their breasts and seminars should be arranged to guide the woman. Tell them the signs and precautions of breast cancer and consequences of breast cancer so that they may encourage and go to a doctor for proper treatment. The alarming signs due to breast cancer include swelling in the breast and collarbone, a lump developed in the breast, heating breasts, redness on the skin, discharge of liquid or blood from the nipples and change in the shapes of nipples and pain in the breast. These all are signs associated with 2 to the 3rd stage in between of malignant and metastasis. If it has moved and attacked on other parts then it can cause pain in the affected areas most common is consist of backbone pain and pain in joints, reddish and warm skin around the breast.

The women should know the causes so that she can avoid them. Common causes of breast cancer are;

  • overproduction of estrogen
  • mutation in the genes before birth in the zygote
  • mutation in genes after birth
  • inherited breast cancer history
  • smoking
  • alcohol consumption
  • radiation treatments
  • exposure of a child to x-rays before birth as a diagnostic aid
  • obesity
  • hormonal imbalance
  • viral attacks
  • Lack of efficient activity and inflammation.

After getting plenty of information women can check their breasts for breast cancer signs by themselves and the perfect time to diagnose is 2-3 days after menstrual cycle because in this time breast is in swollen condition with harder feelings. If one diagnose herself positive for breast cancer then go to a specialist and get the proper check without being worried because the hope for a cure is the powerful weapon to fight against breast cancer.

                  ”Awareness empowered women to stand up for treatment,

                  But fight against dark in the hope of charming light.”

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